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BSD is fun!

I've been experimenting with FreeBSD and OpenBSD lately and they're both quite enjoyable, especially coming from the GNU/Linux world. I'm especially fond of the ports collection. Ports is basically how you manage the software on the system and includes everything from web servers to desktop environments. It's similar to the APT or Yum utilities commonly used with Linux systems. The major difference is that instead of simply installing pre-built binaries, Ports compiles the source code. I won't argue for or against this method for performance improvements but it works for me even on a low end system. My favorite BSD feature by far is the PF firewall. PF is a firewall "for the rest of us". Very simple syntax yet very powerful. You could even block computers running that "other" OS from reaching your system.

FreeBSD has come a long way as has OpenBSD. I encourage you to check them both out, especially if Vista isn't the killer upgrade from XP that you thought it'd be...